The Walworth Peach

Link to the Walworth Peach

Research that is being compiled along the Walworth Road for the Walworth Society towards building a case for Conservation Area status for the road. The Walworth Road connects two large re-development sites; the E&C including the Heygate estate and the Aylesbury estate,  which both are underway and will be completed around 2025.

I call this blog; the ‘shoe box under the bed’. It was set up to share research  information with other groups and designers currently working in the area.

Three examples of what we’ve been up to recently:

1. Walworth Road Heritage Area Assessment for Southwark Council.

2. Walworth Road research and public exhibition at St Peter’s, Se17

3. Pasley Park historic research and timeline, Se17

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Compiling Walworth Road research

Compiling Walworth Road research

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Pasley Park Fete:  historic Timeline 2

Pasley Park Fete: historic Timeline 2

timeline 12.3 copy

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