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1969 Chateau Rothschild

I love well used kitchens where cooking actually gets done with unusual old kitchen gadgets  (for whipping cream) smells, foraged food, chaos & the distinctive sounds of laughter. For Mark’s birthday he cooked up bags of new covent garden chanterelles with cream, 4 day marinated pork in juniper berries and beef dredged in fennel & cinnamon, roasted on the barbeque beside the grilled  marinaded octopus; all served with black beans & olive oil garlic mash. A sophisticated, tasty & comforting feast.

For pudding we had a 1969 chateau rothschild (with a beautiful label designed by miro), cheese & peaches & more chaoic chat about the ethics of song lyrics …. the distinctive family laugh & comparing sibblings hands. Lovely evening around the kitchen table – thanks & happy birthday mark !