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Dogs & design in Paris

A weekend of drinking KIR and quiet reflection pausing on boulevards and street corners in the gentle sunshine. No customers @ Clignancourt, we went in search of chandeliers and found an orange blob, then listened to Edith Piaf in a black wig at Chez Louisette whilst watching creme caramels set alight in 1970’s bowls.

Old favorite haunts still looked stunning: the garden, salad and Prouve chairs with the most fantastic butter straight from the farm in chilled pots at Hotel Armour in the 9th and the fantastic 70’s bucket seating on the Metro.

Bouroullec brothers exhibition supplied abstract, sort of artistic but extremely controlled, sort of Prouve mixed with futuristic (but also retro) blobby shapes. Shame we couldn’t really understand how the brothers think, what motivates and how the technology really works – because it is a lot about hiding the technology and having a particular ‘eye’ for detail. I  wanted the flat white curtain walls & their hangers and the flooring maybe. Unfortunately not enough insight to learn anything new beyond a ‘shopping’ experience – the curator should try harder to explain process, inspiration, politics, ethics and the ‘hidden’ technology in the exhibition and in the catalogue. Or is it really just all about aesthetics and privately inhabiting posh hotel foyers? Nevertheless enjoyed being hands on in part, lounging around and pretending to be at the office; trying out the furniture while secretly hoping we never to return to Jacques Tati ‘mon oncle’ office culture. The big white table, whilst less exciting for Ellas ‘play’ was the only office I would like to work in – a work environment that’s collegiate, open and reassuringly domestic rather than corporate.

The highlight – watching cute small dogs being carried around in posh handbags and shopping for possible doggy accessories in BHV. Remember you must have skinny hipped trousers with figure hugging tight thighs and long flares to match your dog …..and must show Ella the opening scene to Mon Oncle with the little dogs….